Corporate Statement


Erica Lee, COO
Worldwide Branding
498 RXR Plaza
Uniondale, NY 11556


Dear Worldwide Branding Members and Candidates,

We are fully aware of the information that has been published online. We have a dedicated team that monitors public perception and reviews every single comment made — both unfavorable and positive. While we have found that the majority of blog comments featuring Worldwide Branding are, in fact, posted by non-members, we are constantly working to make improvements on a broad and personal scale. Worldwide has a seasoned customer service department dedicated to addressing members’ questions and concerns. Our business practices have been reviewed and approved by our legal compliance team, and we have since increased our Web presence, product offerings, strategic partnerships and overall transparency to validate the trust of our members and strengthen the integrity of our business. To that point, here is a website of testimonials from just a few of our satisfied members:

It is our belief that over the years, the “Who’s Who” business has been unfairly deemed as simply vanity publishing and a ‘scam.’ Worldwide Branding  is working to redefine the “Who’s Who” perception and set itself apart from the multitude of smaller companies in this industry that do not stand behind their products and commitments to service. While most “Who’s Who” companies simply publish names in a book, Worldwide Branding has evolved into a personal branding company. We now offer a host of marketing, advertising and branding tools, such as website development and hosting, press release writing and distribution, video biography creating and editing, radio interviews, SEO, newsletter writing, and magazine publishing. We ask that you remain vigilant and do your research. Do not be fooled by competitors! There are a number of companies try to misrepresent themselves as our affiliates or even a branch of our organization. We have retained law counsel to stop these companies from fraudulently posing as Worldwide Branding in order to solicit members. Please see the fraud letter that we send to our members alerting them of this matter. Worldwide Branding values its members, their opinions, ideas and thoughts, and will utilize their comments to ensure that we help to improve the reputation of the industry as a whole. It is important to us that our members and the public understand that we are listening, reading and responding proactively to their concerns. Please take a moment to read through this site, as we address and dispel many of the myths that have been unfairly posted online. That said, we would hope that you base your conclusions about our organization on your personal interactions with us, rather than allowing non-members to form your opinions for you. Thank you for visiting this site. We hope that you gained a better understanding of our company, our business practices, and our values.


Erica Lee
Chief Operating Officer
Worldwide Branding, LLC

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