Q: I am on the landing page, but keep getting error messages. What do I do?

A: Computer operating systems and Internet settings are all very different. It is possible that you are experiencing a compatibility issue. We always suggest that you default to either Chrome or Firefox as your Internet browser. We also advise that you update your browser to the latest version. If you continue to receive error messages, please email us at info@whoswhomail.com and include the following information:

1. A detail of the error message. Exact verbiage is helpful.

2. A screen capture, including URL.

3. Information regarding your operating system and Internet browser. Are you using a MAC or PC? Are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.?

4. Information about when you are encountering the error. When you try to log in? When you try to download membership information?

Once we receive this information from you, our director of process development and programming team will troubleshoot your issue and notify you once a resolution has been reached.

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