Member Testimonials

The proof is in the pudding. Don’t take it from us. Here are just a few examples of members that have experienced success by utilizing our products and services.

Read more about how professionals have directly benefited from Worldwide Branding tools and resources by viewing our testimonials blog.


linde-micheleMichele C. Linde, JD – Sapphire Solutions AB

“Thanks so much, really awesome work. I appreciate it, and am honoured.”










Marna Dueck – Origin Mortgages

“This is [a] perfect press release. Thank you so much!”








Linda M. Wesley – Canyon Creek Mercantile

“I took another peek at my website – I LOVE IT! Please pass along to the people that are involved in making this spectacular website for me. I like the colors and now it excites me that the video is right in your face when you first launch the website. To me, this puts curiosity into the viewers’ minds on what’s on that video. 

So, please tell [the website developers] all what a great job they have done, and I am so very, very pleased, happy and excited to share it with everyone.

A big, big thank you to everyone involved in helping make this journey of mine a reality.”





Pamela-ErlandsonPamela Erlandson – Erlandson Surgical Services

“Thank you for your diligent work toward my press release and the editing.”








Ole-Christian-DyrengOle Christian Dyreng – Academic Innovation AS

“Thank you again for such great work.”








Helena-LoHelena Lo – Pousada de Mong-Ha

“Greetings from Macau! Thank you very much for the nicely crafted press release of mine.”








welch-aaron2Aaron L. Welch – Director, Red Bird Creative

“Looks great, thanks! In a way, it makes our Red Bird Creative website look subpar! That’s next on the rebranding mission … but I believe Worldwide Branding will help in that! Thanks to the team for getting all of the information into a condensed but still comprehensive platform.”






oleris-odileOdile Olleris – Revlon, Paris, France

“I feel extremely honored by this nomination as recognition of my international business expertise and achievements over my career until now by such a prestigious and renowned international active business community. I also take this as a particularly special honor to my native country, France, while being the first French national to get such recognition by Worldwide [Branding]. I will continue to [develop] and [drive] my business life in [a] direction to further personal accomplishment and contribution to France’s success worldwide.”





gruener-catherine2Catherine Gruener, MA, LPC, NCC – Gruener Consulting LLC

“[The books] are wonderful. Thank you so much for supporting me in being a part of such a wonderful publication. I am honored and grateful. I love the piece and again, can’t thank you enough for guiding me and nominating me for this honor. I was feeling shy about the book, and the introvert in me wanted to pull back and hide in a hole (truth be told). I needed your encouragement, and am so grateful for you. It takes a lot of courage to forge your own way, especially as a woman in our society. Without support and people like you, I would not be living my passions.”






Bob-Mellino-2013-Whos-Who-196x300Robert Arthur Mellino, President & CEO – RAM Real Estate and Financial Services

“When it comes to the Web Development team at Worldwide Branding, there are no exceptions. The staff is always quick and friendly whenever we need to get things accomplished. In my experience, Erica Lamar and Rosemarie Grossman have been absolutely exceptional in their service with our company. My company recently revamped and we had to update a lot of information, and Worldwide Branding was right alongside us the whole way.”




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