About Our Evolution

Evolution from Who’s Who to Personal Branding Company

Worldwide Who’s Who (WWW) was the combined entity of three mergers and an acquisition of smaller Who’s Who companies that were focused on highlighting the accomplishments of executives and professionals in the United States. WWW then broadened the overall corporate focus by offering networking resources to most of the English speaking world.

Recognizing that the future of advertising resided in website development, digital marketing, social media and site engine optimization, WWW reassessed its product offerings. Members were invited to complete a personal questionnaire upon acceptance into the organization and thousands of responses poured in requesting more online-centric services. As the nature of business evolved, so did WWW.  In 2006, the Branding Division was established to keep up with the demand of our members seeking to gain exposure both online and in print.

Worldwide Branding, is now the largest personal branding company in the world servicing more than 600,000 members from over 50 countries. Moving away from the Who’s Who model completely, Worldwide Branding offers its members both in-network and global networking opportunities, as well as a robust digital product line, including:

For more information about our products and services, please contact us at info@worldwidebranding.com.

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